Prime Minister Mykola Azarov shared aspiration of rally participants towards the European integration of Ukraine, he said, opening a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, ForUm correspondent reports.

He stressed that the support for Ukraine's European integration is the main purpose of street protests. But, according to him, some politicians want to turn these events into a confrontation with the government. 

"Not politicians but sincere disappointment that our plans were not implemented made people to come to the city center to protest. I understand and agree with these frustrations, because 90% of rally participants are citizens, who supported for three years the policies of the President and the government towards the European Integration," the Prime Minister said.

In addition, Azarov said that there will not be a split in Ukraine’s society, because the government will not change the course of the European integration of the country.

He also added that some opposition politicians still want to turn the peaceful will expression into a confrontation.

Azarov said that Ukraine should be united and stable in order to sign the Association and FTA with the EU in the future. He also stressed that Ukraine will continue its way towards the European integration.

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