Ukrainian industry will face serious problems within the framework of associate membership in the European Union, head of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting Igor Burakovsky said on air of the radio station "Voice of the capital".

"Some companies will have big problems. These problems are related primarily to increased competition on part of European goods," he said.

The expert expressed the belief that a number of Ukrainian branches will have to compete with leading European companies and not all will be able to withstand the competition.

"I think we can talk about increasing competition in the food market, and in the market of textile products," said the expert.

Head of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting notes that Ukrainian machine engineering will also have some difficulties.

"On the one hand, under normal circumstances, we can continue delivering the appropriate products in Russia. On the other, it is clear that the import tariff reduction will lead to increased demand for foreign equipment, and here, obviously, we must realize that it will be impossible to completely retain the structure of the Ukrainian machine building complex," he said.


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