The Cabinet of Ministers On Nov. 21, 2013 approved a decree on increasing staffing of foreign diplomatic missions to ensure efficient supervision over rights of children adopted by foreigners and residing in the United States, Italy, France and Spain, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reports.

Analysts say a number of important amendments have been introduced for more efficient regulation of foreign adoption. In particular, Ukrainian children may be adopted by foreigners only provided they present guarantees about ability to monitor the living and raising conditions of an adopted child. The document also provides for efficient mechanism of child's return to Ukraine if the adoption fails.

Accounting and supervision over observing the rights of Ukrainian children adopted by foreigners is entrusted to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its consular service.

Also, the functions of consular offices in the field of adoption are much wider than collection of reports (to date, over 50% of foreign adoptive parents have submitted their reports to consular offices) and monitoring of adopted children. The main purpose of consular officials is effective communication with children and families of adoptive parents for a prompt response and real assistance to a child in case of problems.


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