As of 11:00 a.m., about two thousand people gathered in the Kyiv center to participate in rallies, Kyiv Interior Ministry department spokeswoman Olga Bilyk told ForUm correspondent.

"Participation of up to 100 thousand people in various rallies was announced. 35 thousand people were claimed to participate in a rally in the Shevchenko Park with the further moving to the Yevropeiska Square. 50 thousand people were claimed to participate in a meeting of people's deputies with voters in the Yevropeiska Square. A separate action in support for European integration is held in the Mykhailivska Square - 10 thousand people. Another protest is held against the signing of the Association in the same place - more than 2 thousand people are claimed, and so on," she said.

As for the number of law enforcement officers, Bilyk added, the required force is calculated based on the number of the claimed protesters - but it does not always correspond to reality. 

"So while we can not say exactly how many police officers will be involved," Bilyk concluded.


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