President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych called politicization of “difficult historical themes” inadmissible, adding that it causes tension, separates people and prevents consolidation of our society that is so essential for Ukraine nowadays. He said this in the course of the ceremony of honoring memory of Holodomor victims of 1932-1933, the President’s press service reports. 

"Today, we must put away all political discussions and be united. We are all united with a memory of the deceased compatriots. This day is beyond politics," he noted.

According to him, everyone can have different views on the past.

“History must be open to everyone. Everyone can have different views on the past,” Viktor Yanukovych noted.

The Head of State reminded that Ukrainian people had managed not only to overcome the difficult period, but also to win the greatest war in the history of mankind and rebuild the destroyed cities and villages together with other nations.

“We have saved ourselves as a people, retained our identity and gained state independence,” he emphasized.

“Safety, freedom and welfare of a person must always be in the center of state policy. Humanism, as a feature of healthy and mature society, must become a basis of our country. I am confident that we will never let such tragedies happen in Ukraine again,” the Head of State said.


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