The Cabinet has approved a resolution elaborating the concept of the state's target program for regional development of Ukrainian Danube region for 2014-2017, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs

The purpose of the program is to ensure the self-reliant and sustainable development of the region. The program also aims to create conditions for further socio-economic development of the Ukrainian Danube and more efficient use of domestic natural resources in the region, and favorable investment climate. Also important are mechanisms of solving the socio-economic problems, while accounting for interests and needs of regional inhabitants described in the document.

Government experts say the approximate funding of the program will amount to 9.1 billion UAH, including 6.6 billion UAH from the state budget, 1.75 billion UAH from local budgets, and 2.2 billion UAH from other sources.

Among main issues to be addressed under the program, the experts note improving of water and land transport sectors, development of energy and gas-supply system, and provision of water supply and drainage. Besides, the document sets a number of actions which improved ecological security in the region and meeting the needs of people for high-quality education and health services.

In terms of improving the maritime and transport infrastructure, the document envisions implementation of a project to dredge a deepwater navigable channel on the Danube. There is also a plan to build the ferry complexes (for development of new river routes between Romania and Ukraine) and upgrade the railway infrastructure at Ismail-Odessa route.

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