The Cox-Kwasniewski mission was too enthusiastic about issue of Tymoshenko and completely forgot that the process of European integration was risky for the Ukrainian economy, so the country would like to receive guarantees of possible losses compensation.

MEP from Poland Paweł Zalewski said this in exclusive comments to BTB Ukrainian TV channel.
The politician believes that the European Union had to offer Ukraine a program to offset possible losses, as well as funding modernization of public administration and manufacturing facilities of Ukrainian enterprises so that their products were competitive in EU markets.

"The European Parliament and the EU had to put the Cox - Kwasniewski mission other goals, to expand its list. It was necessary to discuss how the EU could support Ukraine in reforming the economy, to develop a program of reforms that would support the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, to involve other institutions that could provide Ukraine's financial and economic support. This was to be the main target. The problem of selective justice could only be one of the objectives of the mission, and it would be easier to solve than today. Simply put, we did not offer any "carrots" to Ukrainian government," Zalewski said.

At the same time, he noted that the suspension of the preparation for the signing of the Association with the EU does not mean the final failure of the process of European integration for Ukraine, but only allows to analyze and correct the admitted mistakes in the process of negotiations.


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