The Verkhovna Rada has passed a Law "On amending Clause 7 of Law of Ukraine ‘On compulsory state social insurance due to temporary disability and expenses for burial,’" prepared by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. The changes provide for counting maternity leave in the insurance records of women. The Law was developed by the government and supported by the deputies, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

Experts say the approved bill significantly improves the social protection of women with children. Now, maternity leave will be counted as part of insurance record of women. Previously, the maternity leave was not counted in insurance record during assignment of temporary disability benefit.

What is the practical meaning of these innovations? "A woman with almost 5-year insurance record going on maternity leave today can expect just 60% of average salary in 3 years, when taking a sick leave. New law will ensure the inclusion of maternity leave in insurance record, which means that 3 years will be added to 5. This will ensure the automatic payment under sick leave in the amount of 100% of average salary," Social Policy Minister Natalia Korolevskaya said. 

Under current laws, temporary disability benefit is paid according to insurance record, namely: 100% of average salary (income) to persons with insurance record over 8 years, 80% of salary is paid under sick leave to persons with insurance record 5-8 years, and 60% – to persons with insurance record under 5 years.

Positive changes can be enjoyed by over 240,000 working women, who will formalize a child care leave within a year after completion of maternity leave.


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