The EU intends to sign the Association Agreement with Ukraine at the Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius, head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Jan Tombinski said in an interview with Segodnia newspaper.

Talking about whether any decision will be made today during the meeting of foreign ministers of the EU countries, Tombinski said today that such decision will not be taken, and the fate of the Association will be determined only at the Vilnius summit.

"Two European Parliament envoys - former Presidents Pat Cox and Alexander Kwasniewski - said that there are no solutions so far. It means that there is no negative answer as well. Brussels is very optimistic. If we evaluate actions, not words, then Brussels is doing everything possible to sign the Agreement during the Vilnius summit," the EU Ambassador to Ukraine said.

Tombinsky also said that he sees no reason to postpone the signing of the Association for 2014 or later, as some politicians claimed.

Commenting on complications in the Ukrainian-Russian relations before signing of the Association Tombinski said that a political component prevails in actions of the Kremlin and its speakers, because the association with the EU, in his opinion, does not affect the trade regime between Ukraine and Russia. In addition, the diplomat expressed surprise that Russia’s campaign against Ukrainian goods and manufacturers was launched before the Association signing with the EU.

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