The EU integration experience of  Ukraine's government, particularly attempts by Ukraine's State Service on Medicinal Products in enacting legislation imposing quality control of drugs, has been highly appreciated by the Lithuanian delegation during its official visit to Ukraine, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

The Lithuanian delegation expressed particular interest in the Ukrainian experience with state quality control of domestic and imported medications. Lithuanian experts believe that one of the problems of their pharmacological market is an overly liberal state policy regarding operations of retail pharmacy chains, which have a negative effect on the quality of pharmaceutical services.

Experts point out that Ukraine has already integrated and applied several European Directives of  the quality control of medicines. Experts note that State Service of Ukraine on Medicinal Products has joined the Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation System (PIC/S), which brings together the regulatory authorities of countries with strict regulatory system (other than Ukraine, it includes only the EU and a few other developed countries. Ukraine is the only CIS country which has been accepted into this organization).

In addition, in 2011 Ukraine introduced, and later toughened criminal penalties for selling counterfiet medications. 

Analysts say Ukraine is currently testing an automated system for tracking medications in circulation. According to Alexey Soloviev, Head of the State Service of Ukraine on Medicinal Products, the introduction of a pan-European system for tracking medications in Ukraine will solve the problem of maintaining of electronic registers to keep track of the entire supply chain and the change of ownership of a medication at all stages of circulation, from production to sale to the end user. This will prevent substandard drugs from entering the retail network.


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