The appropriate agencies with international legal structures are taking real steps to return illegally removed assets to Ukraine, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka stated as much during a meeting with the Attorney General of canton of Geneva during a visit to Switzerland that Ukraine will initiate legal proceedings in foreign courts.
"Ukraine publicly and transparently moves in this direction. All our applications are based solely on legal grounds and information available to the investigating authorities which concerns criminal origin of certain amounts in the accounts of Ukrainian ex-officials," Pshonka said. 

In addition, Ukraine's Prosecutor General's office is emphasizing other issues of bilateral cooperation with Swiss law enforcers, including the fight against corruption, economic crime and money laundering operations through foreign banking institutions.

Such interest is not accidental. Switzerland is an important global financial center, the country was an offshore zone for a few dozen years. The Swiss banks account for 35-40% of the global property management of private persons and legal entities.

It was reported earlier this month that the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine launched a lawsuit in the United States and Switzerland, to protect the interests of the Ukrainian state in the theft of 200 million USD, against a group of suspects, including former Prime Ministers Yulia Tymoshenko and Pavel Lazarenko. The Ministry of Revenue commissioned an international law firm Lawrence Graham to represent the Ministry in the upcoming trials in several countries of the world and to take all necessary measures to protect the best interests of the state of Ukraine.


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