The Ukrainian government will not allow the loss of market of the Customs Union countries, particularly Russian market, government's commissioner for cooperation with the Russian Federation, Commonwealth of Independent States, Eurasian Economic Co-operation and other regional associations Valery Muntiyan stated on Friday.

"The market of the Customs Union countries, especially Russian market, is very important for us. And the government in any situation will not allow the loss of this market," Muntiyan said.

According to him, negotiations and consultation are held with the approach of signing of the Association Agreement and free trade area with the EU. "We should minimize all existing risks, and the government of Ukraine knows about it," Muntiyan said. 

"Today, the government is taking all the steps in order to avoid these risks," Muntiyan said, adding that the trade turnover between Ukraine and the CU countries amounts to 65 billion dollars, that's 38% of the total turnover of Ukraine for 2011. "We have the largest trade volume, the best structure and the greatest part of the added value," the government’s commissioner said.

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