In order to enhance the transit potential of Ukraine, and in addition to building high-quality roads, it is necessary to ensure Ukraine's roadside infrastructure for freight traffic meets European standards. In this context, the Cabinet has approved the Resolution "On approving the concept of state target program for construction and arrangement of truck parks for 2014-2017" on Nov. 13, 2013.

Experts say the main purpose of the approved Concept is to ensure the effective operation and development of the existing public road network, ensure the traffic safety and improve the efficiency of freight transportation.
The normative act is designed to facilitate construction and arrangement of specialized parking lots for trucks near the regional centers with appropriate level of service consistent with European standards, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

"The government’s resolution will enhance this work and set the clear requirements for establishment of necessary infrastructure, both for drivers and trucks. In view of coming winter, first of all, it is necessary to establish the basic infrastructure. Thus, the main tasks are fast and accurate response of all decision-makers in case of bad weather, the most efficient use of existing parking lots and the speedy high-quality construction of additional facilities. Government will strictly control the implementation of these decisions," Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Vilkul said.  

Experts say the actual number of truck parks in Ukraine that provide the appropriate level of service for drivers is insufficient, especially on the outskirts of regional centers. For example, access roads to Kyiv have 237 parking lots for 4,600 places, which is 39% of the required number. The drivers have to park their vehicles along the road, which causes traffic jam and increases accident rate. The problem is particularly acute in summer during introduction of temperature limits for traffic of heavy vehicles and during intense winter blizzards.


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