Implementation of healthcare reform goals requires use of new approach to planning a network of healthcare facilities. This means tackling the issue of introducing the new funding mechanisms, increasing the autonomy of management at state and municipal medical institutions in handling the financial resources and increasing competition in the field of healthcare, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

To accelerate the pace of reforms, the Cabinet has approved the draft Law "On healthcare institutions and medical care." The purpose of the bill is to ensure the constitutional rights of citizens for timely, qualified, and high-quality medical aid based on restructuring of healthcare system.

The document envisions introducing payment for services of state and municipal health agencies through contracts for medical services to population. Experts say introduction of market mechanisms in the state healthcare system makes it more efficient and, consequently, contributes to strengthening of the system.
Experts also note that the normative act is largely aimed to increase efficiency and improve professional skills of doctors through introduction of individual licensing.

An important innovation is the establishment of supervisory boards with public participation at healthcare facilities. This initiative will ensure the effective supervision over observance of rights and safety of patients, rendering of high-quality medical aid, as well as meeting the ethical and legal principles of financial-economic activity at medical institutions.

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