Despite traditional attempts to destabilize the hryvnia exchange rate in early autumn, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has successfully passed the period of the autumn exchange rate fluctuations. This is the conclusion of financial experts who analyze the situation on the currency market, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

From Aug. 16 to Nov. 12, the hryvnia/dollar exchange rate on the interbank foreign exchange market remained in the 810.07 UAH - 815.57 UAH/100 USD  corridor. Hryvnia exchange rate fluctuations are 0.68%.

Despite the growing demand for cash currency, the cash hryvnia exchange rate in general remains stable. During the same period, the weighted average selling rate of the dollar on the cash foreign exchange market fluctuated in the range of 1% - from 813.29 to 820.79 UAH/100 USD. In early 2013, you could buy one hundred dollars on average for 809.89 UAH.

Experts say the NBU was able to ensure the stability of the national currency, although the economic situation remains difficult. From  August to October the net demand for foreign currency by the population was 1,030.9 million USD (in August - 136.2 million USD, in September – 678.7 million USD, in October - 216.0 million USD). Total net demand for cash currency by the population has not exceeded 200 million USD from January to July

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