Favorable conditions for business in Ukraine are precondition for investments inflow, President Viktor Yanukovych stated at the meeting with workers of culture and art, the press service of the Head of State reports.

"If there are favorable conditions for business investors will have a guarantee of investments return," he said.

The Head of State emphasized that the countries in the world were struggling toughly for investments. "Countries that create better conditions for business receive more investments, develop faster and have better economy; GDP per person increases, thus, the life quality improves," the President noted.

Viktor Yanukovych stressed that the law on state-private partnership as a mechanism of cooperation between the state and entrepreneurs had facilitated the increase of social responsibility of business, particularly in the context of development of urban infrastructure and reconstruction or construction of educational and healthcare facilities.

"Business must be socially responsible. You can see that nowadays there are numerous examples of arrangements between business and local government," the President said.

According to the Head of State, entrepreneurs invest significant funds into the implementation of national projects. "We urge big business to invest into the national projects," Viktor Yanukovych noted.

He stressed that participation of the entrepreneurs in the implementation of healthcare reform was a striking example of such cooperation. Particularly, it is the participation in the program "New life – new quality of maternity and childhood protection", construction of healthcare facilities and purchase of specialized vehicles.

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