Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers on Nov. 7 approved a project to build a Solid Radioactive Waste (RAW) Processing Complex at the Rivne Nuclear Power Plant, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

The purpose of the project is to increase the level of safety of Rivne NPP operation through introduction of innovative technologies of RAW processing. This will bring the system of radioactive waste management at Rivne NPP to an international level. The introduction of systems for radioactive waste processing is a common international practice. Today they operate in almost all countries operating nuclear power plants - in Russia, USA, Europe.

Experts note that the RAW Processing Complex project was launched in 2007 in cooperation with the European Commission within the framework of the "Tool of cooperation in the nuclear safety field" program. Active phase of the works has already begun at Rivne NPP. Currently the latest construction specifications are coordinated with the European Commission, as well as with the German RWE experts.

The complex consists of a number of units that will recycle waste accumulated over the life of the Rivne NPP power units, as well as the current waste of atomic energy industry. In addition to the Rivne NPP, a similar complex is simultaneously built at Zaporizzhia NPP.

The complex at Rivne NPP consists of installation for waste removal from the cells of solid RAW storage facilities, installation for fragmentation and sorting, installation for super-compaction, and activity measurement and decontamination system.

Rivne and Zaporizhia NPPs should receive eight installations - four for each power plant. The total cost of the supplied equipment is approximately 22 million euros. The cost of one complex construction  estimated by the government is about 250-300 million USD.


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