Ukraine's Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine published at its web site a draft resolution "On granting an enterprise a status of authorized economic operator." The measure was drafted by ministry and defines rules for obtaining the status of authorized economic operator (AEO) by enterprises, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

Ministry of Revenue experts say the purpose of the decree is to define the rules of obtaining by enterprises a status that would allow them to enjoy special (simplified) customs procedures.

The status grants enterprises an authority for automatic provision to customs a declared customs value with minimum paperwork, placing goods on trains without customs officers, unloading of goods, removal of seals, etc.

Experts say obtaining a status of authorized economic operator requires meeting of certain criteria which would allow to consider the company a good operator.

The company shall have been involved in foreign trade for at least three years and meet the certain requirements, in particular, with respect to reporting, solvency, and safety standards.
Experts say final version of the resolution will help to bring national customs procedures closer to European standards.

In this regard, the experts note that the Ministry of Revenue is actively working to ensure the European recognition for status of Ukrainian authorized economic operator.

The task is to simplify the customs control in Europe for Ukrainian companies with transparent operation and good reputation. That is, domestic subjects of foreign economic activities paying their taxes in good faith will be able to pass the European customs procedures under a simplified procedure.

Ministry experts also note that the form and content of questionnaire for companies intending to obtain the AEO status in Ukraine are consistent with the form and content of questionnaire used in the EU.


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