Naftogaz Ukrainy has reduced its August gas debt to Russia's Gazprom from $882 million to $806 million.

"We'll pay literally everything back to Gazprom. As of today, the debt is $806 million," the Ukrainian national oil and gas company's deputy CEO, Vadym Chuprun, told Interfax-Ukraine on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Kyiv.

Naftogaz is putting all available resources towards the August debt repayment, but those payments are being held back by the sluggishness of Ukraine's heat utilities sector to repay its own debt to Naftogaz.

Asked when the whole debt to Gazprom might be paid, Chuprun said this would depend when Naftogaz receives what it is owed. "They'll pay off debts to us, even in installments, but such that we can pay Gazprom, clear that debt for August," he said, adding that Naftogaz currently owed debt for August gas supplies alone.

He said no problems paying for gas supplies in October ought to arise. "As far as we can see so far everything will be okay," he said.


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