From January to October 2013 Ukrainian Railways provided all types of transportation services for 352 million passengers, according to the State Administration of Railway Transportion. Analysts point out that these figures are close to those of the same period of 2012, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

Experts claim that the railroad industry in Ukraine is stable in terms of development. And every year the performance indicators are complemented by major infrastructure projects.

In total, the passenger turnover of Ukrainian Railways was the same as in 2012, registering 42 million passenger-kilometers, of which 28.157 million passenger-kilometers was long-distance traffic, and 13,917.22 million passenger-kilometers in suburban traffic.

Other technical indicators are also within the framework of Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznytsia) expectations. Locomotives service turnover for the 10 months totaled 300.253 million gross ton-kilometers. Total service turnover - about 181 million net ton-kilometers, transit some 27,943.6 million ton-kilometers. The average turnover of a single freight car was 7.64 days, or 104.6% of the plan, including a loaded period - 3.29 days (102.7 % of the plan).

The efficiency of the locomotive fleet use has also increased. The average locomotive daily mileage reached 498 kilometers (4% increase from the planned target and 4.2% increase from last year). The average performance of the locomotive fleet totaled 1,430 thousand gross ton-kilometers (103.3% of the plan and 104.5% compared to last year's figure). The average weight of a freight train during the period amounted to 3432 tons (101.2% of the plan and 100.4% compared to 2012 figure). The average technical speed of locomotives reached 45.3 km/h (100.9% of the plan, and 101.1% compared to 2012 figure).

Fulfillment of a transportation schedule figures are also impressive. 100% of freight trains departed according to schedule, and 98.7% followed the schedule. 99.4% of passenger trains departed with no deviations from schedule and 97.6 % of trains followed the schedule.


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