No threats to the exchange rate stability are observed as for now, first vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Serhiy Arbuzov said on air of the BTB TV-channel. 

"The market situation forms the rate. Therefore, if there are some fluctuations, they are reasoned by the business and performance of our balance of payments. I do not see any serious threat for our citizens to worry about. There were fluctuations in the past year. However, we survived them normally and now have to look at other things - price stability for example, not only at the rate of hryvnia, tied to foreign currency," he said.

Arbuzov also noted that to date there are no preconditions for price destabilization.

"We have deflation, not inflation, that is, price stability is not threatened. I think that before the end of the year the situation will be in the same price parameters, as it is today. I do not think there will be some fundamental changes," the first vice PM said.


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