Since the start of 2013, Ukraine has switched 160 boiler plants to alternative fuels and overhauled some 700 boiler plants. Experts say during preparations for heating season in Ukraine this year, 667 boiler plants were reconstructed, 1,126 boilers were replaced, 1,073 boilers were overhauled and new pipes with a total length of 478 kilometers were installed. It is expected that reconstruction of boiler plants and replacement of heating systems in Ukraine will ensure up to 5% of energy savings in 2013, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs

Government analysts say the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, and Housing-Communal Services is actively systematizing an experience of retrofitting the boiler plants with their switching to alternative fuels.

With the assistance of the government, housing-communal services are increasingly using the energy-saving technologies and alternative fuels. In Cherkassy, for example, there is a boiler running on waste wood. According to heating specialists, the bio boiler allowed to halve the production cost of heat. Annual cost savings are 3.114 million UAH. The boiler plant provides heat to a complex of hospitals and clinics, as well as to several residential buildings.

The upgrade of the boiler plant was implemented by the "Cherkassy- teplokommunenergo" public utility company  financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The bio boiler, its installation, assembly, and construction of storage for waste wood cost 9 million UAH.

"Such a boiler plant is cost efficient. Other than being autonomous, it saves the budget funds given by citizens. That is why, the ministry fully supports such initiatives. Now, we are working hard to ensure that passport of such boiler be available to any similar enterprise in Ukraine  with a possibility to utilize this and other experiences,"Gennady Temnik, Minister of Regional Development, Construction, and Housing-Communal Services, said. 

Experts say the country is actively implementing the energy-efficient technology and equipment. Due to implementation of investment programs, for the last three years, Ukraine has upgraded 3,393 boiler plants and switched 375 boiler plants to alternative fuels. Also, 862 kilometers of heating utilities were reconstructed with use of pre-insulated pipes.

"In general, due to upgrade of heating system and introduction of alternative fuels, natural gas consumption by housing-communal services has been reduced by 1.1 billion cubic meters or by 10%," Temnik said. 

Government analysts say by the end of 2013, Ukraine will have introduced a 100% accounting of heat supplied to consumers. Some 93% of heating sources are currently equipped with meters.


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