Dmytro Tabachnik, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, and Vasily Kremen, President of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, have signed a Program of joint MOE and APS activities for 2014-2016. The main purpose of the program is to integrate the national education system into educational space of Europe and the whole world, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

Experts say the main factors justifying the need for such cooperation include the rapid development of society, new requirements of labor market and situation in the European educational space.
The signing of agreements on association and Free Trade Zone with the European Union calls for review of basic educational principles.

The general action plan envisions improvement of Ukrainian legislation in the field of education and bringing it closer to European standards, as well as meeting the main principles of governmental development srategy for education in Ukraine till 2021.

In particular, the general action plan includes development of concept and drafting the National standard classification of education and introduction of innovative techniques in pre-school and secondary education. Also, psychological support in the educational process has been significantly increased and a balanced distribution of humanitarian and science-math disciplines has been achieved.

Implementation of this educational strategy will strengthen and develop the structural government reforms in educational sector, which is highly regarded in the world. According to the World Economic Forum, in 2013 the quality of Ukrainian secondary education was ranked 45th (last year, Ukraine was ranked 56th) of 122. The most notable progress is observed in quality of school science-math education. In three years, Ukraine moved up from 42nd to 24th position in global competitiveness ranking. As for the primary education, Ukraine moved up from 49th to 31st position.

Analyts say Ukraine is among the top ten countries of the world with the largest number of students. While in early 1990s, only 15-17% of school students entered universities, today this figure is 70-75%. This is one of the highest rankings in the world, and Ukraine spends about 2-2.3% of GDP, or 6-6.8% of the total state budget, on higher education.

The total number of students in Ukraine exceeds 2.5 million. Some 1.5 million children attend pre-schools and 500,000 students are trained at vocational and technical schools.


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