Ukraine will buy gas in the European market, if negotiations with Russia on gas end without compromise, foreign minister Leonid Kozhara told the government's Uriadovy Kurier newspaper.

"The current policy of Ukraine in the energy sector is intended to diversify natural gas supplies. Our government has already started to buy gas in the European market, which is much cheaper. We intend to continue this way, if no compromise solution with our Russian partners is found," he says, Ukrinform informed.

Kozhara expressed the view that the situation in the gas sector, which took place in 2006 and 2009, today "cannot happen again in any case."

"First, because the gas market in Europe has changed dramatically: in a short time, Europe has travelled a long way to diversify the sources of gas. Secondly, Ukraine has also reformed its gas market quite successfully. A contract is signed with Shell on development of shale gas. The signing of a contract with Chevron for the development of the Oleske shale gas field is expected soon," the minister said.

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