Ministry for incomes and duties of Ukraine intends to administer a lie-detector test to its employees as a mean to fight corruption within the Ministry, while conducting internal investigations or hiring new officers, minister Oleksandr Klymenko said in an interview to "Governmental courier".

"We plan to use it (lie-detector) just for internal investigations or when hiring new employees. It is one of the means to fight corruption, and it will have no impact on taxpayers," Klymenko said.

He also pointed out it was not the only mean to fight corruption in the Ministry. The minister has called upon business to report every fact of pressure, applied by Ministry's officials. "Unplanned inspection, for example, is a form of pressure, and I want entrepreneurs to report it. I want business to defend its legal interests more actively, and I assure you I am your ally in this question," Klymenko said.


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