One of the major challenges for modern Ukraine as a space country with relevant engineering potential is an efficient interaction with foreign states in exploration and use of outer space for commercial space projects, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

Taking on this challenge, Deputy Prime Minister Yuriy Boyko Yuriy Boyko, along with Yuriy Alekseyev, Chairman of the National Space Agency of Ukraine on Oct. 28, 2018 met in Washington with Charles Bolden, who is chief of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

During the meeting, the parties discussed a "road map" of cooperation between Ukraine and USA in terms of involving the Ukrainian space industry in implementation of the US space projects.

In the course of the meeting, Boyko and Holden agreed on the importance of international space cooperation. The sides said it makes sense financially and because international space cooperation generates ideas and innovation. They agreed this is why we must have an opportunity to use the best of each other's knowledge on the way to space exploration.

Successful joint project for the Antares launch vehicle led Ukrainian-American relations in the field of space cooperation to a qualitatively new level and became a strategic factor of partnership between Ukraine and the United States, say government analysts.

In 2013, there were two successful launches of a new American rocket Antares with first stage designed and manufactured by Yuzhmash Association and Design Bureau Yuzhnoye. The companies entered into a long-term contract (till 2018) with the American Corporation Orbital Science. The project cost is 1.9 billion USD. The program envisages launching 10 Antares rockets, which will deliver the cargos to international space station.

American aerospace experts at NASA highly appreciated participation of Ukraine in space exploration and noted that Ukraine was an important strategic partner in the field of international space cooperation. Domestic space engineering is an integral part of European launch vehicle Vega, and Zenith is a core launch vehicle for Sea Launch (where USA was one of initiators and main source of funding) and Land Launch projects.

Following the meeting, NASA experts proposed to establish a bilateral expert group for discussion of joint activities in the space sector, in particular, within the International Coordination Group for Outer Space and International Expert Group for Space Biology and Medicine. The plan will establish a scientific group of researchers in the field of using the new materials for rocket and space technology.

Government experts say that during 22 years of independence, launch vehicles of Ukrainian production have been used for 129 space launches, which delivered into orbit 240 satellites from 20 countries of the world. In 2013, 9% of all space launches were realized with use of Ukrainian space technology. At the moment, global aerospace service market covers 300-400 billion USD with potential growth up to 1.5 trillion USD (in 2030).

Implementation of the 5th National Space Program of Ukraine 2017 includes obtaining 2.5 billion UAH commercial income (indirect income – 3.24 billion UAH). This forecast shows a significant commercialization of aerospace cluster of Ukraine.


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