According to the press service of the State Executive Service of Ukraine (SESU), cooperation with the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) for for introducing of electronic document management is underway, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

The Work Group to introduce electronic document flow between the state executive services and banking institutions was created by Order № 57/2 dated 26.06.2013.

The main objective of the group is to develop referral procedures for arrest of debtor's funds and other property, as well as payment requests in form of electronic documents for banking institutions.

It is necessary to provide the appropriate technical means as well as to describe all technological procedures in order to use electronic documents between banks and state executive authorities. Banking experts emphasize that appropriate changes should be introduced in the legislation.

In their opinion, cooperation and understanding between SESU and banks have improved. Banks are willing to properly protect interests of their clients, so it is important for them that the procedure of enforcement of court decisions is regulated as much as possible and performed by SESU representatives.

According to NGOs, gradual introduction of electronic document management with authorities of various levels (central, regional and local), and different branches (executive, legislative, judicial) reflects formation of e-management elements.

In some cases, the state and citizens (or businesses) cooperate better through on-line technologies, than different state authorities between themselves, they emphasize.

According to experts, only wide use of electronic systems can drastically improve the quality of government management and reduce its cost. They will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the government executive functions.

Today, experts point out, high level of software products developed by domestic programmers can ensure implementation of modern IT-technologies in the state management.

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