Deputy director of the state enterprise "Spirtbioprod" Hryhoriy Kyziun refuted any rumors that bioethanol fuel worsens somehow the functioning of vehicles, ForUm's correspondent reports.

According to him, scientists and experts conducted drive tests using fuel compositions with bioethanol on a control group of vehicles of Kyiv car enterprises. "Results prove that fuel compositions with bioethanol can be widely used, and service properties of vehicles do not worsen comparing to functioning on commercial gasoline. No negative impact on technical condition of engines has been registered," he told a press conference.

He also noted that using fuel compositions with bioethanol does not require any changes to engine construction or fuel flow system. Kyziun added that the undertaken tests also proved better ecological compatibility, including reduction of nitrogen oxide and benzene hydrocarbon emissions.

Summing up, the expert underlined that considering positive test results the Technical committee had issued the permission on mass use of fuel compositions with up to 6% of bioethanol countrywide. Moreover, the Committee has worked out and put into effect a relevant standard on fuel compositions. According to the standard, the guaranteed storage life of bioethanol makes 1 year.


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