According to Head of the State Registration Service of Ukraine Dmytro Vorona, in the near future the government plans to abolish the need for developers to present bulding construction documents for every apartment purchase registration, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

«Today, in registering apartments in an apartment building (which is owned by residents based on investment agreements), the registrar is forced to demand presentation of the same set of documents, relating to the entire building. The State Registration Service plans to simplify this process. It will be enough for the developer to present the package once. Apartment buyers will have to submit only the documents that relate to his/her apartment,» Vorona said. 

These changes will facilitate commissioning of residential buildings, as well as the registration of real estate titles, both in completed apartment buildings and in those under construction. 

Experts say Ukraine earlier simplified legal regulation of construction and real estate registration by a) introducing declarative principles of start of preparatory and construction works, as well as of acceptance, b) cancelling compulsory examination of Category I–III facilities and established a market of expert organizations of various forms of ownership (35 organizations), and c) providing an opportunity for citizens to build individual houses up to 300 square meters without the project documentation (based on building passport, etc.). 

As a result, the number of licensing procedures, time and costs has been significantly reduced. If 40,000 building permits were annually issued before simplification, in 2012 only 1,100 facilities, or 1% required permit, some 108,000 customers had the right to build on the declarative principle. 

As pointed out by government analysts, the simplification of licensing procedures in construction helped bring housing construction to the pre-crisis level. 

Experts say it is becoming increasingly easier to build and register the purchased property. For example, from November 1, 2013 in order to expedite the procedure, State Registration Service will use post offices of «Ukrainian Post» and private notaries. This will redirect real estate owners and, in fact, eliminate queues during registration of estate title with state registrars. 

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