Ukraine has not paid 882 million USD it owes for gas delivered in August, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller told the press.

"We are quite concerned by the situation that has developed with Ukraine's payment for deliveries of Russian gas," Miller said.

Gazprom has been in contact with Ukraine more than once with inquiries about meeting contract terms, Miller said.

"In order for Naftogaz Ukrainy to make payment for delivered gas in timely fashion and in full measure, we moved to advance payment for transit. We advanced [paid for] gas transit through Ukrainian territory and have already paid ahead until January 2015," he said.

Another important decision was made recently - so that maximum gas transits Ukraine in the fall and winter period, and that the necessary amount of gas can be pumped into underground storage facilities, Gazprom has extended a significant discount on gas purchases for Ukraine, Miller said.

"Five billion cubic meters of gas were sold to Ukraine at a price of $269 per thousand cubic meters, which represents a discount of more than half a billion dollars," he said.

"Finally, where payment for current shipment is concerned we regularly provide the opportunity to defer payment. So, for the $882 million worth of deliveries in August an addition was signed to the contract allowing for a payment deferral until October 1. However, October is ending, but accounts have not been paid up," Miller said.

"The situation is very serious considering that, as per the contract, if there are violations of the payment terms a transition to a system of prepayment for gas deliveries is envisioned. This matter has to be settled soon," he said.

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