Future of the CIS depends to large extend on success of the free trade area within it, head of the CIS executive committee Sergey Lebedev decalred before the sitting of the Council of CIS heads in Minsk, ForUm's correspondent reports.

According to the specialists, the FTA agreement, signed two years ago, has started working, and its participants fulfill undertaken obligations on cancellation of import dues and quantitative control.
"Other measures on protection of internal markets are applied mostly in accordance with the WTO rules. However, it does not mean everything goes smoothly. There are problems and trading disputes, but we solve them in civilized manner and with participation of the supranational commission of experts," he said.

Lebedev also noted that integration unions should not and does not compete between each other, and the parties have a possibility to carry out flexible policy of cooperation. "Though the integration does not go as fast as we want to, but I don't see anything wrong in the fact that CIS countries participate in several integration unions simultaneously. As of 2013 there are more 500 various free trade areas, and the WTO includes 159 members. Thus, every world state participates in three free trade areas on average. It serves as a good incentive to develop economy," he summed up.


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