The State Registration Service of Ukraine announced innovations simplifying procedures for state registration of real estate. According to experts of State Registration Service, new legislative initiatives facilitate the state registration of real estate title and envision the simplified registration of lease and mortgage rights, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

"We are committed to rendering convenient and transparent services to population," said Dmitry Vorona, Head of State Registration Service of Ukraine.

In particular, we are talking about draft Law of Ukraine "On amending certain legislative acts of Ukraine to improved settlement of relations for real estate" (adopted by Verkhovna Rada in the first reading) and the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On approval of Procedure for state registration of real estate title, their burdens, and Procedure for providing information from state register of real estate title."

Experts say these procedures will regulate a number of issues, namely: termination of mortgage, mechanisms of returning the state duty to citizens of Ukraine, exemption of state agencies and local government bodies from the state duty, as well as simplified system for state registration of rights derived from property right – rent or mortgage.

Also, they envision the opportunity for submission of registration documents via Ukrainian post and explain the peculiarities of transferring the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI) archives to State Registration Service of Ukraine. It must be added that the State Registration Service of Ukraine is planning to digitize the BTI archives, which, according to experts, is a pan-European practice promoting the rendering of convenient, high-quality, and affordable services to citizens.

According to the above decision of the government, the procedure for registration of the real estate title is simplified; now, citizens need just one visit to the State Registration Service. Let us remind that, previously, registration of lease and mortgage rights included three stages: first –registration of real estate title, second – registration of initial lease, and third – registration of change or extension of primary mortgage or lease agreement.

"We arranged operations so that any person can turn to us directly, and we will work out extension of lease agreements, which will be recorded in a special section of our register," Vorona said.

It must be noted that the State Registration Service of Ukraine is constantly improving the quality of services and increasing their affordability. For example, today, a quarter of all advises on the State Registration Service is provided online. In particular, in 5 months of online consultations, 3,227 requests were received and processed by experts of State Registration Service. Answers to phone calls were received by 9,462 citizens.

Experts say the situation in 2013 on the labor market was stable with a trend to increase employment level. However, the Ministry of Social Policy developed the additional anti-crisis package of incentives for the labor market aimed to enhance protection of employees’ rights and labor market on the whole.

For the record, as of September 2013, the poverty line was 1,141 UAH; for kids up to 6 years old – 1,074 UAH, for kids 6 to 18 years old – 1,369 UAH, for able-bodied persons – 1,208 UAH, for persons, who lost their ability to work – 908 UAH.

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