Voting for the amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine, which may impede Vitaly Klichko to run for presidency in 2015, is a manifestation of the split among the opposition leaders, Ukrainian political scientist Kost Bondarenko told ForUm in a comment.

"The position of "Motherland" was very clear. Now we observe certain competition among opposition factions and their leaders, as well as attempts of the Party of Regions to fuel the infighting and see whether they can split the opposition. The experience proves they can," Bondarenko said.

According to him, such development of events has been expected. "Politicians have been talking behind the scene that the opposition might split soon, and in this respect, the reaction of "Motherland", its excuses and pretending to know nothing come as a surprise," expert added.

As a reminder, on October 24 the parliament adopted the draft bill on amendments to the Tax Code, thus questioning the right of Vitaly Klichko to run for presidency.


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