Serhiy Sholomytski, secretary of the parliamentary committee on tax and customs policy, says that at the sitting of the committee all its members, including opposition representatives, supported unanimously the amendments to the Tax Code impeding "UDAR" leader to run for presidency. 

According to him, the draft bill on amendments was passed in its first reading at the beginning of October. Later the committee registered numerous corrections, drafted in separate bills, and the committee head Vitaly Homutynnik decided to combine them into one to adopt the document in its second reading. For this he established a working group, which included members of the Party of Regions faction and was headed by the representative of the "UDAR" faction Oksana Prodan.
The group held five sittings and considered all propositions and corrections, submitted for the second reading, and one of the corrections, submitted by "Motherland" MP Ihor Brychenko", regarded citizens having residence permit in other countries. 

"That amendment was submitted by MP Brychenko. In total he submitted 31 amendments. Members of the committee considered and adopted them all. One of the amendments concerned taxation of citizens of Ukraine, having residence permit in anther country, or a foreigner, working in Ukraine," Sholomytski explained.

According to him, the committee adopted all the amendments because it considered them economic, not political. "But then they reread the document and decided that some of the clauses can be viewed as political."

He underlined that the committee on tax and customs policy is an economic department, and that the amendments have been adopted for improvement of the business climate in Ukraine, not for some political manipulations.  


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