Europe just wants to release Tymoshenko from jail, but it does not defend her as a politician, member of the board of the German-Ukrainian Forum, German political scientist Alexander Rahr told in a comment to BTB TV channel.

The politician presumes that if Tymoshenko reimburse $200 million to the state, she may be released on parole, but it will not give her the right to run for presidency in 2015, thus she will remain outside public politics.

"I do not know if Yulia Tymoshenko has $200 million. Probably she does, but how to collect it? But if she manages I think it is the best option. She pays and goes out of jail, but without money and political influence, partially convicted and not able to return to her status of the opposition leader," Rahr said.

At the same time, commenting on the position of some European leaders on Tymoshenko's release, the expert said they defend her as a person, not as a politician.

"You think Europe stands personally for Yulia Tymoshenko? Not all, Europe does not fight for Tymoshenko as a politician. Europe does not consider Tymoshenko as a perfect politician and does not want to enthrone her in Kyiv, it just wants to release her," Rahr summed up.


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