Ukraine has begun building a plant to recycle used oil. Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Nikolay Romanov on Oct. 17, 2013 took part in a ground-breaking ceremony at the plant, which is located in the village of Borodianka, Kyiv region. The project is financed by Bulgaria's "Prista Recycling."

Experts say the plant will be built "from scratch" using the most modern and environmentally friendly technologies, developed and patented by the US company Sequoia Energy & Environment. Investment in the project exceeds 60 million USD, the Information-analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

The Ministry of Environment says the basic idea of the project is 100% salvage of used oil. The used oil is classified as hazardous waste and is a source of environment pollution. It can not be thrown away in trash cans, drains or poured into the ground. Because of its viscosity, used oil sticks to everything it touches, from sand to birds' feathers. Used oil is not soluble, chemically stable, and can contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals.In nature, oil decomposes over a long time. Only 1 liter of used oil can turn one million liters of drinking water into technical one.

The effective recycling of used oil is an important contribution to the fight against environmental pollution, reducing harm from primary production.

Experts say the innovative processing technology (re-refining) of used oil will allow to produce high-quality motor oil. The plant will consist of two processing modules, each one with capacity of 40,000 tons of used oil annually.

Environmentalists say construction of the first used oil processing plant in Ukraine is a significant milestone in the Ukrain's transition to environment friendly industry and brings Ukrainian industry closer to European environmental standards. Oil industry waste management is a vital part of European production and environmental policies.

The European used oil processing industry is a leader in the world community with a turnover of 200-250 million euros. It employs 1,000-1,200 workers in the used oil recycling and 2,000-2,500 in collection of used oil.

EU member states in 2013 used 4.84 million tons of lubricants (approximately 65% of motor and under 35% of industrial oils). In general, Europe dumps 25% of all used oil, 75% is collected, of which 25% - regenerated, 49% is used as a fuel and 1% is destroyed.

Government experts say the most effective used oil system is used in Germany.


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