The State Registration Service of Ukraine on Oct. 19 announced the opening of a Unified State Register (USR) for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs by Ukraine's Justice Ministry, the Information-analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

Online users are currently afforded free access to almost all the information contained on legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. This includes onformation about the founders of legal entities, remote offices and other information. At the same time, personal information that is legally protected will remain confidential.

The State Registration Service (SRS) says the initiative reflects efforts by the Justice Ministry to create the best and most convenient electronic information services, as well as to increase its presence online.

The SRS has already introduced a number of advanced technologies for convenience of those who need assistance and advice in the field of state registration. They include e-registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs and online Skype consultations.

NGO leaders say the opening of the Uniform state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs is another important step to ensure transparency of state governance, fight corruption and introduce new information technologies.

Ukraine in September 2011 joined the international "Open Government Partnership" program after confirming that Ukraine shares the basic principles of the partnership.

The government in early 2012 developed a national action plan to implement the initiative, which was presented to attendees of the Partnership conference in Brazilia city, Federal Republic of Brazil.

The government in July 2013 approved a detailed plan for implementation of the further measures. The coordinating council for implementation of the initiative included representatives of the executive branch of government and civil society institutions. An international council was formed with participation of organizations working in Ukraine to support implementation of the initiative.

Government experts say activities have been planned and are under way to improve legislation on issues of institutions of civil society, participation of public in decision-making and the proper implementation of the basic democratic human rights. This includes developing local action plans throughout Ukraine and studying the European experience of synergies between the executive authorities and the general public.

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