The livestock population in Ukraine totaled 5.2 million heads, an increase of 2.8%, year-on-year, during the period from January to September 2013. Since early 2013, the nation's livestock population has increased 2.6%, the Information-analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

Experts say the maximum livestock population is found in Vinnitsa region – 369,700, Lvov region – 320,800, Poltava region – 308,900, and Khmelnitsky region – 307,600. A significant increase in livestock population in 2012 occurred in Crimea – up 15.1%, Zaporozhe region – 13.2%, Nikolayev region – 7.1%, Khmelnitsky region – 6.7%, and Odessa region – by 5.1%.

The entire livestock sector has shown steady development. The volume of breeding the cattle and poultry is up 12.1% (including pigs – 14.5%, and poultry – 13.3%) year-on-year, experts say.

Mykola Prisyazhnyuk, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, says the growth is the evidence of increased motivation of agrarians breed cattle, an activity promoted by government programs.

Government pays farmers a special grant for young cattle and cattle delivered to processing plants. To provide the farmers with opportunity for independent production of high-quality and safe milk, they are reimbursed for cost of purchased pedigree cattle and milking machines.

Experts say state support helped increase the livestock population in Ukraine and took the livestock industry out of crisis. The industry has gradually managed to completely overcome the negative trends in cattle breeding of the early 2000s. In all farms categories, there is a steady growth in both livestock population and livestock products – meat, milk, and eggs. Thus, for the first 9 months, livestock population is up 2.6% and reached 5.2 million. In turn, increase in livestock population contributed to 0.8% increase of cow milk production.

AIC experts state that livestock industry requires the maximum support. In particular, this is where the investments shall be attracted. It will improve production technology, increase the livestock population and scope of livestock products, and, as a result, will contribute to reduction of imports. Also, government encourages farmers to join into cooperatives, which can help achieve higher results.

The livestock population in 2012 was up 1.8%. As of January 1, 2013, it was equal to 4.5 million. Number of pigs was up 1.9% or up to 7.5 million, sheep and goats – up 0.5% or up to 1.75 million, poultry – up 6.5%, an increase of 213.85 million.

Government support programs this year will allocate 152.3 million UAH from state budget for breeding and preservation of young cattle at domestic farms.

Last year some 340,000 rural residents received 305 million UAH as budget grant for breeding and preservation of young cattle (509 thousand total).


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