The opposition blocks the parliament because it does not want Yulia Tymoshenko to be released, MP of the Party of Regions Vadym Kolesnichenko told ForUm in a comment.

"It is obvious that the Association agreement will be signed, as Europe needs it even more than Ukraine, in the first place. Leaders of the parliamentary minority have found themselves back at the bottom of the ladder. They do not head the integration process, they do not bring any positive results, and their mantras on Tymoshenko become tiring.

Take, for example, the latest statement of Arseniy Yatseniukm who said there was no need to adopt special laws for Tymoshenko. Even his colleagues from the opposition start questioning his methods. First he submitted a draft bill on treatment abroad, then he insisted to send Tymoshenko abroad as a convict and bring her back for further servicing, and now he does not want any laws at all. His colleagues told him in the face that either he was inadequate or a scammer and blackmailer. Obviously Yatseniuk had nothing to say about it. The fact is that neither Yatseniuk, nor Klichko, nor Tyagnybok wants Tymoshenko free and active in the political process, as they have already sliced and diced her political heritage."  


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