Summit "Eastern partnership" in Vilnius will be a success if Ukraine fulfills all tasks set by the EU, and release of Yulia Tymoshenko is one of them. Ukraine, in fact, does not argue. President Viktor Yanukovych personally declared that the Ukrainian side was seeking ways to settle the issue. In turn, the parliamentary majority believes that treatment aboard, in Germany, can be chosen as a compromise. However, as PR faction leader said repeatedly, a special law is needed to realize the idea.

At the same time, members of the opposition have no intentions to work out any draft bill and say the legislation in force has all necessary means to release Tymoshenko, namely enables the President to pardon the leader of "Motherland".

As a result, the parliament has registered two draft bills: one by PR faction member Mykola Rudkovski and another one by non-factional MP Serhiy Mishchenko. And not even one from the opposition...

Does it mean that the "Tymoshenko case" situation will not be solved soon? And how will it affect Tymoshenko herself and Ukraine in general? ForUm has asked Ukrainian politicians and experts...

Serhiy Mishchenko, non-factional MP, author of the draft bill on vacations for the convicts:

- As far as I know Rudkovski has withdraw his draft bill for improvement. As or my draft bill "On amendments to the Criminal Procedural Code regarding convict's right to treatment abroad", it was registered in the parliament three months ago, on June 2. The amendments take into account the European legislation, and all relevant corrections have been introduced and submitted to the VR. My draft bill is not intended for one person only, but for thousand people - convicts who require medical assistance but have no possibility to obtain it in Ukraine. However, this right will not be given to rapists, murders, those who committed extremely grievous crime.

After a respective court decision, a convict will be released from a penitentiary facility to get to a health institution by himself. Thus, if the parliament adopts my draft bill, Yulia Tymoshenko will be released directly in the hospital she is staying in. 

Volodymyr Oliynyk, MP from the Party of Regions, deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee on legal provision of law enforcement activities:

- With some more corrections the draft bill may be adopted, and if there are not enough votes, we will support it. With the help of this draft bill we will finally see the true intentions of the opposition, because if it does not pass it, it will mean the opposition is complotting against the signing of the Association agreement. Considering that the Association agreement is the achievement of the ruling party, the opposition cannot stand the idea. At the same time, the European party will finally see whether the Ukrainian opposition really wants to solve the problem or just pretends to.   

Serhiy Sobolev, MP from "Motherland" party:

- We have relevant draft bills worked out and submitted to the parliament. In particular, there are four draft bills: on amnesty, pardon, decriminalization, adaptation of articles on economic crimes to proper standards and norms. However, the things depend on one person only - the President of Ukraine. If the voting fails we will submit new draft bills of the same context. This is a requirement of the European Union.

Andriy Mokhnyk, MP from "Freedom" party:

- The issue on pardon of Yulia Tymoshenko cannot be solved with the help of a law or voting in the parliament. This decision can be made by one person only - the President of Ukraine. The only tried and true position on Tymoshenko is the Cox-Kwasniewski petition on pardon. In fact, this is one of the requirements for signing of the Association agreement. Thus, no pardon - no association. 

Valery Karpuntsov, MP from "UDAR" party, first deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee on regulations, deputy's ethics and activity of the Verkhovna Rada:

- Non-adoption of such draft bill is not a reason to block the work of the parliament. We, the "UDAR" faction support the Cox-Kwasniewski petition on Tymoshenko's pardon. It is easy, fast, and, most important, legal way to solve the issue on Tymoshenko's treatment.

The complex method includes decriminalization of articles on economic crimes. This question has already been raised, and relevant draft bill was registered in the parliament three months ago. Then the complications arrived. First Rudkovski submitted his draft bill, then withdrew it... Then again, before adopting the document we must estimate the consequences for the country in general. Thus, there is information that in Poland, for example, 600 convicts claiming to need treatment simply ran off.  

Petro Symonenko, Communist party leader:

- No laws on treatment abroad are needed. Let Europe to take a hundred Ukrainian TBC patients and cure them. 

Kost Bondarenko, political scietits, chairman of board of the Institute of Ukrainian politics:

- I think the parliament will adopt the draft bill on vacations for the convicts, in need of treatment, and Yulia Tymoshenko will go to Germany. If not, they all, not only Yanukovych, will have problems. In particular, the opposition will have problems because of the failure to release Tymoshenko. Tymoshenko herself will have problems staying in prison. Even the EU will have problems, because its current leadership will run in the elections next spring and will have to explain the failure to get access to such a big market as Ukraine.


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