Autumn is the most mysterious season of the year. The nature fades, nights become longer, living creatures get ready for the winter. Naked trees turn into weird shadows, croaking ravens do not always bring good news. In an interview with psychic Maksim Gordeyev, winner of the 9th and 10th "Mentalist showdown" TV show, ForUm learned how to see the beyond and read sky-signs.

- Good day, Maksim, autumn is a period of longer nights and shorter days, and we feel sleepy. How to tell whether our dreams are prophetic?

- Autumn is a great period for saying goodbye to unwanted people, clothes, etc. In fact, this year is a good one to say goodbye to everything useless. Take things from your wardrobe and burn them thinking about someone you do not want. This year is 13th, and according to Taro cards, 13th arcanum is the card of Death, meaning farewell to the past and past lives. Do not try to hold people who leave this year. As for dreams, there are three types: first - we see what we desire, second - we see what we fear, and third - prophetic dreams. If in a dream a girl meets a prince with flowers, but stands in front of him naked, it means she fears what she wishes for. Prophetic dreams are symbolic. For example, if in a dream you are walking in the street and a raven brings you a key, it means you will find a solution to the problem.

- In autumn we can also observe business recovery. Can a person attract the energy of money?

- Money must be respected and appreciated. Always keep it in your purse, not in a pocket. And please, take out photos from your wallet! A part of money's energy goes to these people on photos. It is better to keep a picture of clover.

Moreover, your can charge amulets yourself. My talisman, for example, is a five-kopek coin. I prayed holding it in hands, asked to bring me money and put it in the wallet. You can carry a ritual dollar or euro, if you want. In my wallet I keep coins separate from banknotes. I also have icons my mother presents me, amulets, business cards and one dollar-talisman.

- At this time of the year the nature fades, and it brings thoughts about evil spirits. How can we protect ourselves from them?

- Spirits do not do harm. We are connected to the parallel world, and help each other. This world is very close, but we hardly notice it. There is a nice dialogue in a Harry Potter movie: "How come people do not see this magic? - People do not see anything." We have stopped looking around. When we walk we either talk on the phone or write an sms. And even if a thousand spirits march by, we will hardly blink.

Movie spirits are a pure fantasy of directors. There are no zombie or vampires. There are souls of the dead, but they are immaterial and cannot harm. In fact, a spirit must be really really furious to be able to touch a living person or break a cup. Spirits manifest themselves in intuition or a random phrase in a book, which may help to solve a problem.

- At the end of October- beginning of November Slavic people used to celebrate "autumn forefathers" holiday (days to commemorate ancestors). People say spirits of dead relatives may come for dinner on these days. If it is true, how should we prepare to the event?

- I would recommend to celebrate these days. When you make contact with ancestors they start helping you. And it is great to get a piece of advice from your great grandmother, for example. In fact, we are a big family, incarnating in turns. Your child may be your great grandmother. And if we harm our dears in this life, they might do the same in the next.

- At the end of October there is Halloween holiday. Can the Slavs celebrate it?

- This holiday is similar to the Slavic day of Ivan Kupala, when spirits come in the form of living people. And if some beggar asks for money this day I would recommend to give it. There is a chance an entity from the beyond is hiding behind the human face. Moreover, it might be gods, you pray for help to, who test you first before answering the prayers.

- Old heathen customs have been in focus recently. Do you know why?

- After visiting Lithuania I no longer believe in Ukrainian heathenism. All we have left is Chinese embroidered shirts. No more dances or rituals. Even the day of Ivan Kupala has turned into a parody. Unlike Ukrainians, Lithuania people lives by these customs. In Vilnius there is a huge market of ritual decorations, made after old traditions.

People now feel that spiritual and material worlds split up. We become more spiritual. Look at the pop stars and politicians. The end of the world did happen in 2012. There is a new epoch now - Age of Aquarius, characterized by equality and absence of sexes. There will be more androgynous people, like Boris Aprel, and same-sex marriages will become more popular.   

- Maksim, can you predict whether Ukraine will join the EU? If yes, when may it happen?

- We will, and very soon. However, the integration will cause notable changes, including political. The EU will bring new rules, and things will be different. Prices will grow, and salaries as well. Ukraine will have to sweat over to fit the European family, but it will make it.

- What is Ukraine's path, in general?

- Well, we won't have hungry children running the streets, like in Africa, or have regular revolts or wars, like in other countries. Ukraine stays alone. It is not good or bad. It is just our essence. The saying "it is no business of mine" is about us.

- Do you know if Ukraine's national football team will make it to the championship 2014?

- Of course, it will. But for some reasons Blokhin is getting punished. May be he did something wrong... After the death of Lobanovski, Ukrainian football does not do well. Players smoke sheesha in restaurants... And look at "Shakhtar" team list. It is a national team of Africa. Buying foreign players has never happened before in Ukraine. We have so many our own talented players. Ukraine will pass to the Championship, but will not place high.

- Will Oleh Blokhin remain the coach of the national team?

- No, he will be replaced and very fast. Something has happened, something that media does not speak about. He is believed to be not the same as before. They will take a second class coach who speaks English.

- Maksim, when did you realize you were different?

- I felt I was different already in childhood, I just did not speak about it loud not to be taken for a crazy. When I was 9 I had a strange experience. I saw the spirit of my father two days before we were told about his death. Then something happened when I was 22. At night I saw a boy on my bed who was chanting "tell my mom", "tell my mom". I asked what he wanted, and he turned and said "tell my mom I am dead". He had a scar on his face. When I came to senses there was nobody there. Then I started to search for information to learn about the vision and to prove it was not just a hallucination, caused by stress. I had difficult times back then, my singing career was over due to the crisis. 

Then I understood that ghost whispering was my specialization. Since then I've been studying myself and teaching others. I have opened the first academy of esoteric sciences to teach mediumism. Unfortunately, there is no such notion as psychic (medium) in Ukraine. There are intuitives, sensitives, astrologists, Tarologists, runologists, but not psychics (mediums). And if you ask Google "Kyiv medium", it will give you the size of underwear. 

- Being a psychic is a gift, curse or work?

- Any skill can be trained. I did not want to be a psychic. I dreamt of singing. But when the fate forces you to do something, you cannot resist. Participation in "Mentalist showdown" was an education process rather than demonstration of abilities. I did not care about publicity, as I was not a declared psychic, so to say. At that moment I was a singer, who just came to give it a try. I did not think or believe I would ever search for dead people. But now this work makes me happy. I have found my purpose of life.

- Do you peek in your future?

- Rarely. I don't like it. Let it come what may. However, there are situations, which do not let you sleep. Then I take cards or meditate to find a solution. But in general, I leave the things to God's will.

- Thus, even if the scenario of life has been written, do we have any options?

- Of course! The right of choice has been given by God. I always teach my students in the Academy not to "close" the roads. If a psychic sees a misfortune a person can avoid, he must tell him. Modern psychic must explain all possible choices and consequences of each of them.

- Does it happen to fear for your life working with paranormal phenomena?

- Always. I have different people coming to me, and I have to decide who to work with and who to refuse. For example, I refuse to work with politicians. Moreover, there are spirits and entities around us which cannot be ignored, and sometimes I fear for my soul. 

Apart from this, I often work with cases of violence, like murder. In Lithuania, for example, I was investigating the case of a missing girl. The information I provided helped the police to find her. But first they found the murderer, who confessed and told them what he did to this poor girl. It is terrible to feel violence inside. To find a person I become this person, I feel what he or she feels or felt, I can even see the murder in action. And if a person I look for is dead I have to die myself.  

For this I try to get rid of any emotions when I work. First days on the show I fell into hysteria. All those visions and emotions were passing through me. I was crying and could not stop. I was so scared that I locked myself in the room. But I also want to say that I do not help everyone who comes. There are people coming with such silly questions...

- How can one tell a true psychic from a fraud?

- Frauds rarely have their own offices and almost never work publicly. However, it is difficult to tell a professional from a liar, simply because the same professional may help one person, but is incapable to help another. I cannot say that everyone who comes to me for help is happy with my skills. For example, I told one woman she did not have any hex spell on her, and she was so surprised: how come, I've had it for 40 years... The matter is that five psychics she visited before me saw the spell. Thus, for some people I am a fraud. For this I prefer investigations and working with the police. I have contacts in Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland.

- Can people trust fortunetellers working through Internet?

- There are two ways to learn about a person: through his personal thing or personal contact. Specialists may work through Skype or by phone, but the rest, like "send an sms", "pass a test", "press a card" are dishonest ways to earn money.

- What do you think about local healers or witches in villages?

- Well, my grandma was a seeress. She murmured prayers and banished evil spirits. I still have her icon, which is more than 150 years old. When the matter concerns a serious cleaning from entities, which feed on person's soul, I always work with this icon.

As for removing a hex spell with an egg, I am a bit skeptical, though I sometimes practice charms myself. However I work with entities and spirits of light only, like angels, archangels, God's energy, Reiki. But first and foremost, I work with person's soul. Tuned properly it may reach a great success.

- We often link our misfortunes to hex spells or curses. How can we understand whether it is a true curse or just an attempt to shift responsibility?

- Only 35% of people who claim they have been cursed really have it. Others just invented it. A hex spell or a curse is made for a specific purpose and specific period of time. For example, if a person suddenly falls sick and dies within a week, you can say it was a curse. Women often blame their love misfortunes on hex spells, but it is a psychological problem, not magical. Curse is when things in the house move by themselves, or a child dies for unknown reasons, or ten members of a family die in water. The rest is thoughts of idleness.

Sometimes people come and ask me to make them like their work. But I do not do magic and do not recommend others. Magic is a violence against nature. If your destiny is to have this appearance or character, or to live with this very person, that's it, it is your fate. Love or other spells are not a solution. In fact, you may be punished for magical interference. If you want to change something in your life, do it, but with the force of your character. Every problem has a solution without the involvement of magic.

Believing or not in parallel worlds and paranormal phenomena is an individual choice of every person. However, be aware of frauds, and try not to peek in your future but to change your present.

Tetyana Hryhoriyeva, photos by Viktor Kovalchuk


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