Gennady Temnik, Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services Minister, has announced plans to build 11 million square meters of housing by the end of this year, Information-analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

Temnik said new housing in 2013 will be doubled, compared to 6.4 million square meters in 2009. Some 9.3 million square meters of housing were constructed in 2010, 9.7 million square meters in 2011, and 10.75 million square meters in 2012.

Experts say that today most Ukrainians are largely interested in low-cost ergonomic apartments which is why the government plans to construct 100,000 apartments like that annually within the next few years. The government plans to provide citizens with affordable and quality housing through technical upgrade of factories which manufacture construction panels, and state compensation for mortgages and other social programs facilitating purchase of apartments.

Implementation of the state mortgage program Affordable Housing through which Ukrainians can receive low-interest loans for 25 years with a small down payment will help meet the demand for affordable housing in Ukraine.

The state housing programs have already provided housing for over 12,000 families during 2010–2013 in Ukraine.

There are currently several ongoing government and budget programs. One of them is the Cheaper Mortgage Program «Affordable Housing» (13/3) where the state compensates 
13% of the bank credit cost while the buyer pays only 3% per year, and the State target socio-economic program of construction (acquisition) of affordable housing (30/70) where the state pays 30% of the new housing cost.

Government analysts say that since early 2013 the Affordable Housing program (13/3) has issued 1,415 loans for a total 330 million UAH. 


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