Ukraine s government has taken steps to improve the border management, according to Ministry of Revenues and Duties of Ukraine, which reports that customs officers registered more than 10,000 cases of illegal movement of goods across the customs border of Ukraine, for a total of 266.44 million UAH from January through August 2013 , the Information-analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine says.

Ministry analysts say most of goods they are being smuggled into the country belong to food group. Since early 2013, 4,600 cases have been found for a total of nearly 26 million UAH.

Goods of industrial group go next in the ranking of smugglers. Since the beginning of 2013, 4,400 import violations for such goods have been registered, for a total of nearly 154.6 million UAH. Also, during this period, 482 attempts of illegal movement of currency have been curbed for a total of 51.7 million UAH.

During January-August 2013, the Revenue Ministry transferred some 74.9 million UAH to the Treasury resulting from sale of goods confiscated at customs, which is up by 1.5 times from 2012.

Ministry experts say these statistics are very important in the context of meeting the Ukrainian obligations under the EU Agreement on financing a program «Support to Sectoral Policies of Border Management in Ukraine» (adopted in 2011), which envisioned allocation of non-repayable financial aid to our country for a total of 66 million euros. Among other provisions, the agreement provided for simplified customs control procedures via bringing the procedures and methods in line with the EU and international standards, as well as full-scale implementation of «Electronic Customs» system according to the EU model and standards.

This agreement was signed to support the State Target Program «Development and Reconstruction of the State Border» for a period till 2015 aimed to modernize Ukraine s border through improving of controls, regulatory framework and bringing the infrastructure in line with European standards.

The above figures show the improved efficiency of customs control procedures (along with relaxed customs regime, given the wide range of Ukrainian commitments to the EU), as well as multiple government initiatives implemented in the framework of the appropriate agreements.


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