Ukraine’s Finance Ministry has supported the introduction of distance education technologies to improve skills of staff at financial sector and management staff of financial departments at regional administrations, Information-analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine says.

Experts say active involvement of specialists from local self-government bodies to distance education will ensure a more professional and efficient executive power at the regional level.

Transition from industrial to information society, as well as socio-economic changes taking place in Ukraine, requires significant modification in many areas of the public service. First of all, it concerns reform of education. After all, in today’s world, emergence of the Internet and spread of new information technologies formed the prerequisites for introduction of distance education based on pedagogical, information, and telecommunication technologies.

The importance of distance learning in Ukraine is obvious. It meets the demands of modern life, especially given the transport costs and costs of organizing the entire system of a full-time study. Accessibility and openness of such training, as well as the chance to learn away from a training facility (without leaving one’s home or office) represent the main advantages explaining the increased interest in such form of learning.

Experts say every civil servant working in the state finance sector will master the innovative management technologies, while becoming an expert in the field of efficient forming and using the state financial resources and enhancing his/her skills to meet the challenges of information society.

The particular efficiency of distance learning was demonstrated during the reform of Budget and Tax Codes in 2011. Then, due to innovative training methods, they could promptly explain all details of new legislation to staff of state finance system in Ukraine.

Analysts say the Finance Ministry was one of the first in Ukraine to use the innovative methods of distance learning by opening the Virtual University at the Finance Ministry in 


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