Ukraine’s transportation sector is one of the economy’s most attractive for investment, according to Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Vilkul, who on Oct. 15 attended a transport infrastructure forum in Kyiv organized by the Adam Smith Institute (UK) and Ministry of Infrastructure, the Information-analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

Contemporary globalization of national economies requires an appropriate development of the global transportation system, especially, creation of a powerful and high-performance infrastructure. Modernization of the Ukraine s transport sector requires significant investment and would be beneficial for both the Ukrainian and EU transport infrastructure.

Experts say Ukraine is located at the hub of the Euro-Asian transportation routes. 4 out of 10 international transport corridors Asia-Europe pass through Ukraine. Our country ranks fourth in terms of freight traffic in Eurasia, second only to China, Russia and India.

Ice-free Black Sea ports and extensive network of railways and motor roads ensure all the necessary conditions for increasing transit cargo in the North-South and East-West directions by 2020.

Government analysts say given the investment model of development, the total demand for transportation services in Ukraine could grow to 180 million tons by 2020, from 2012, and reach 843 million tons with an annual growth of demand for transport services by 4–5% Ukraine is ready to provide investors with the most flexible approach to the forms and mechanisms of cooperation. «Our main goal is modernization of the economy and enhancing its competitiveness. Ukraine is ready to cooperate. We are open to dialogue, Vilkul said.

Government analysts say after Ukraine meets its obligations in reforming the transportation industry, as stipulated in the Association Agreement, the country will receive a grant of 65 million Euros for development of transport logistics. Also, the European Investment Bank intends to give Ukraine 41 million euros for management of air transport and 200 million euros for expansion of the trans-European highway network.


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