Volnogirsk on Oct. 15 approved a new heating system that will allow to maximize heating efficiency for houses, social facilities and to cut gas costs by 10% as part of a program for modernizing the heating system of Dnipropetrovsk region. The modernization of the heat supply system in Volnogirsk provides for decommissioning of powerful, unprofitable boilers and heating mains which are located far away from consumers, and construction of modern modular boilers with an automated control system, the Information-analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reads.

The reconstruction program for thermal facilities has already built nine modular boilers in town that will supply heat to all social and cultural facilities and office buildings. Installation of individual heating systems is also being completed in homes, which are installed under a simplified approach — all necessary paperwork was approved centrally with the residents consent and without any cost or time.

The cost of installation of individual heating has also been partially compensated. In particular, the dual-circuit once-through boilers with closed combustion chamber were installed in homes. It is envisioned to equip with independent heating more than 9,000 apartments in Volnogirsk.

Experts say the advantages of an autonomous heating system are clear: people can independently adjust temperature in their apartments and control climate in their homes the way they want. This will allow the owners of apartments to significantly save on utility bills during the heating season, because this system eliminates heat loss during transmission from the large boiler facility to the apartment building.

Government analysts say the process of decentralization of heat supply that hit several European countries (Italy, Germany), each year becomes more tangible in Ukraine. 

Volnogirsk became the flagship of modernization of thermal facilities in the Dnipropetrovsk region and a pilot city, where they began to implement a program of modernization of municipal heating supply system, based on the principles of the European experience of autonomous heating (heat loss associated with central heating in Ukraine reaches 30%, while a similar figure in the West is 2%).


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