Head of the Venice Commission Gianni Buquicchio denied allegations of Ukrainian opposition that the amendments to the Constitution do not meet the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

"The independence of the judiciary as a whole and all of the amendments, which have been proposed for the judicial system, take full account of our recommendations," he said in a telephone comments to "Law and Business" Ukrainian magazine.

The head of the Venice Commission expressed the hope that the amendments to the Constitution "will be taken as soon as possible, with the support of all political forces, including the opposition, which protested at the time of the last vote".

"I am slightly upset because, in our opinion, the proposed changes to the judicial system have been very correct and necessary for Ukraine. I wish all political forces adopted a constructive attitude and passed these changes by majority vote," he said.

"The changes are very important for Ukraine and for its preparation to participate in the Vilnius summit," Buquicchio said.


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