The Foreign Ministry confirmed the information about the detention of a ship in India with citizens of our country, director of the press service of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Yevhen Perebyinis told ForUm correspondent.

"There are three citizens of Ukraine on board of the ship - two crewmembers and a security guard. On board the ship are three citizens of Ukraine - two crew members and one security guard. Our Embassy in India sent requests to the competent authorities of the country in order to clarify the reasons and circumstances of the detention of the vessel," he said.

According Perebeinos, the Foreign Ministry has learned from official sources that the ship Seaman Guard Ohio was delayed to check the information about the presence on board of weapons and documents for transportation.

The Seaman Guard Ohio was detained in the early hours of October 12 off the coast of India on suspicion of illegally transporting weapons. The ship's crew said that the vessel was engaged in providing security services and that the weapons they have are legal. Citizens of Estonia, Britain, Ukraine and India are on board the ship. 

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