The introduction of EU norms and quality standards will accelerate the Ukrainian consumer access to quality medicines and result in a substantial reduction in prices for medicines produced in the EU. This observation was made during a meeting between Ukraine’s Health Minister Raisa Bohatyryova and Simon Smith, Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Ukraine, the Information-analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reads.

The parties discussed the issues of attracting investment in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical sector and reforming Ukraine’s health care system to conform to EU norms and quality standards. Experts say ordinary Ukrainians would experience tangible benefits in the price and quality of medicines as a result of continued cooperation with the EU. But this will require simplifying procedures for registering medicines, recognizing European GMP standards in Ukraine and simplifying control over the quality of medicines produced in the EU.

An example of successful EU health care innovation applicable to Ukraine is the experience of France, which has saved 2 billion USD by adopting the strategy of using generic drugs whenever possible.

Sustainable economic and social development is impossible without healthy citizens and a well-developed medical system.

The main deterrent to the development of Ukraine’s healthcare system are the principles which governed the old Soviet system. That system was designed to operate in a planned economy. This system is inefficient and does not meet today’s global realities.

Bohatyreva noted that some 13% of GDP in the UK is spent on the British health care system. 


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