Ukraine’s Education Ministry has held a meeting to discuss the development of Ukraine-China relations in the field of education. Rectors and vice-rectors of universities, as well as Ukrainian and Chinese experts in the field of education, attended the event.

The use of educational resources in Ukraine and China were discussed, as well as the interim results of educational agreements signed during the first meeting of the Ukrainian- Chinese commission on cooperation in the field of education, the Information-analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine says.

Government analysts say the Bilateral Ukraine-China Commission on Education has benefited cooperation between the two countries in education. A solid foundation of partnership in the field of education is based primarily on close cooperation between universities of the two countries. Some 67 Ukrainian universities have signed an agreement to work with more than 200 Chinese universities, institutes and enterprises.

A prime example of a successful partnership is between the National Aviation University 
(Kyiv, Ukraine) and the International Technological University (Ningbo, China). The project is implemented within the framework of a joint research project in the field of transportation and logistics. The main objective of the project is the development of scientific platform of international logistics clusters using multimodal transportation and logistics services for international trade flows between Ukraine and China.

For the first time since bilateral cooperation began, Chinese universities hosted Ukrainian students specializing in technical, economic and biological fields. There are 49 Ukrainian students studying in China on government scholarships. Some 100 Chinese citizens are studying in Ukraine.


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